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Zimbabwean President : "We've wasted the country's money in these rats that athletes call "

Robert Mugabe como bizcocho durante la celebración de su cumpleaños 92.

DRAFTING DL. While dozens of countries as heroes receive their athletes participating in the Olympic Games in Rio there is an African country that wants to punish his people for poor performance: Zimbabwe.

Robert Mugabe, who is 92 and has ruled the country since 1987, lambasted the performance of the 31 athletes who took part in the tournament in Brazil.

"We wasted the country's money in these rats we call athletes," Mugabe said, according to Yahoo. "If you are not ready to sacrifice and at least win medals copper or tin (referring to the fourth and fifth place) as did our neighbors in Botswana, then why waste our money.

"If we needed just people going to Brazil to sing our national anthem and show our flag, we had sent to some of the beautiful girls and handsome boys at the University of Zimbabwe to represent us."

"The money invested in the team that represented the country could have been used to build schools and facilities.

"This is like an impotent man was married to five women. What's the point? I will make sure that all of them will return to the government the money invested even if it takes ten years. Now it turns out that we gave them a soft loan to go to Brazil as tourists. Are useless, "concluded Mugabe.

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